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Tips on How to Extend Battery Life of iPads and iPhones

Users that love their iPhone and iPad likely have issues with the battery from time to time.  Certain features on the how to forward text messages to another phone without someone knowing device along with actions of the user are both a poor combination leading to a drained battery before you know it.  Fortunately, there are many things you can do to improve battery life of your devices.  The following points offer easy tips on how to extend battery life of your iPhone or iPad.

  • Change power mode on your device to low power.  This feature temporarily reduces how much power the device uses during the day.  Some features may be turned off or reduced. Review this information to ensure you understand how your device will operate in this mode.
  • Review how your battery is used.  Check battery settings on your device to learn how the battery power is dispersed.  This helps users learn which apps and features on the device use the most power.
  • Identify apps draining battery power.  Certain social media apps and apps such as email can use a good amount of energy.  Social media apps like Facebook are commonly known for sucking up battery power quickly. If you can do without a certain app remove it.
  • Change brightness settings on the device.  You can go to the settings for your device and decrease brightness of the screen.  This helps reduce battery power and it may help your battery last a little long.  Change the brightness when you need to but don’t leave it at a bright setting for so long.  This can also help your eyes if you look at the screen a lot.
  • Use Airplane Mode but be mindful of Wi-Fi use.  Airplane Mode can cut down how much activity the phone does when search for a signal when using its antenna.  When phones search for signals this can take a lot of battery power.  Wi-Fi ability may still be available in this mode to cut down energy use if you need to access the internet.  Yet, the Wi-Fi mode is also known to take up power when trying to search for a signal during extended time periods.
  • Turn off Bluetooth if you don’t use it. You can do this by going into device settings and finding Bluetooth on the list.  Some users are not aware the feature is already on.
  • Keep the volume of the device down to a minimum. When listening to music this can help retain battery power.  Using headphones or earbuds can help.  The equalizer can also take up battery power so use this feature sparingly.
  • Avoid using vibrate too often.  This can drain a lot of power from the battery when receiving lots of notifications. Either putting your phone on silent or using a notification sound on your device actually helps retain more energy.
  • Cut back on visual effects used on the device.  There are iPhone and iPad displays that are vibrant and beautiful in color.  These are common displays people like to use as wallpaper for their home screen.  At the same time, they can use a lot of power because the device works to project so many colors at the same time.  Motion backgrounds also use a lot of power.
  • Limit amount of time spent playing games.  There are a few games that require a lot of speed and color.  These aspects alone can reduce battery power aside from playing the app for so long.
  • Limit use of the camera.  Taking pictures can drain the battery and it may require more energy depending on the device.  Recording video often is another culprit that drains iPhone and iPad batteries.